Report benefits:

  • information on the style of behaviour, motivators and style of working in a team,about the strengths and limitations of the employee: behaviour in everyday situations and natural response
  • to stress, ability to make decisions, initiative / pro-activity in a situation of change, organisational skills – task management and time management, ability to develop relation with customers and relationships and within the team
  • It reveals the employee’s desired team roles,
  • the motivational characteristics – what motivates the employee to achieving better results,
  • hidden motivators valued by the employee in the workplace
  • It recommends an action plan to improve interpersonal skills

In conjunction with the benchmark, provides an objective evaluation of the employee’s competences
Recommended uses: recruitment, team building, leadership

Available language versions: Polish, Engilsh and others – ask us

Online access to the assessment

Within 24 hours after the purchase you will receive an email with instructions and a link to complete the assessment online. The person completing the assessment can save the final report in the form of a PDF file.

If you wish to purchase a greater number of assessments, contact us to discuss the detail


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